We know how to take things apart without making a mess. However, we also care about what happens to the results of our work. That is why we recommend deconstruction, rather than demolition, for certain projects.

How are they different?

We’re glad you asked. Deconstruction means carefully taking a building apart to salvage reusable materials. Demolition is smash town. Deconstruction keeps doors, windows, framing lumber, and other useful materials in circulation, and that’s why we love it so much. Still have questions? Get in touch today.

Give Your Deconstruction Job the White-Glove Treatment

Deconstruction requires just as much precision as construction. If you’d told us that before we got started in this industry, we would have been doubtful too. However, decades of experience have taught us that sloppy deconstruction just leads to more work — cleanup, repairs, and remediation.
When you’re precise, careful, and neat, the process goes faster and is less expensive. Best of all, you get a bunch of windows, cabinets, doors, and other components that can be re-purposed. If you don’t need them, we’ll distribute them and make sure they find great homes outside the landfill. It’s a win-win.

Choose Alberta's Best Full Deconstruction Solution

It’s tempting to handle deconstruction yourself — after all, you don’t have to know much to pull something down, right? Well, here’s the thing: deconstruction almost always leads to piles of heavy, sharp materials that need to go somewhere.
You may also encounter old, dangerous substances like lead paint or asbestos. Let us handle the risk and transportation. Contact us today for white-glove deconstruction services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

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