Concrete removal in Edmonton can be a lot more complicated than it seems, especially if you try to do it yourself. Here at Downright Demolition, we offer efficient, cost-effective concrete removal services. By choosing us to provide these services for you, you can avoid many challenges and rest assured that we will bring it down right for you. 

In today’s blog, we’re going to cover: 

  • why people get concrete removed in the first place
  • what concrete removal services we can offer you
  • our exact concrete removal process
  • why hiring professionals for your concrete removal project is the best choice
  • how to choose the best demolition contractor in Edmonton

Why People Get Concrete Removed 

When it comes to concrete pool removal, people in Edmonton typically want their above ground or inground pools removed because they don’t use them enough. Let’s face it – Edmonton summers, although hot, are not very long. 

As fun as the thought of having a swimming pool is, if it’s costing you a lot of money and you’re not getting much use out of it, it’s very understandable to have it removed. 

unused concrete swimming pools
We often remove unused swimming pools here in Edmonton.

In terms of walkway, sidewalk, or driveway removal, our demolition contractors have found that people want these removed for a few specific reasons. First of all, broken, cracked, or shifted driveways, sidewalks, or walkways are often removed in order to have them replaced.

A new driveway, walkway, or sidewalk can completely refresh one’s property and make it look brand new again. Additionally, having large cracks or shifted concrete can actually be dangerous for children riding small bikes or scooters or people with wheelchairs or walkers. It’s definitely smart to get these fixed right away. 

Sometimes, filling cracks can be effective enough, however, other times, the cracks and shifts are bad enough that a complete concrete removal service is due. 

Another common reason that people get concrete removal services here in Edmonton is landscaping. Landscaping one’s property can increase both curb appeal and property value significantly. 

Our customers are often wanting to rearrange where their walkways are in their backyards, change the size, slant, or shape of their driveway, or just remove the concrete from their property completely. 

No matter the reason, our team of demolition contractors will gladly come out and help you with concrete removal on your property. 

What We Can Remove For You

Speaking of being happy to come out and help you with concrete removal, these are the services that we provide: 

  • Swimming pool removal (above ground and inground)
  • Walkway removal
  • Sidewalk removal
  • Driveway removal
  • Garage demolition and removal

If you don’t see a service that would fill your particular needs, don’t stress! Just give our Customer Success Team a call at 780-906-3366 and we’ll chat with you about how we can help you. 

jackhammer breaking up concrete sidewalk
Concrete sidewalks are best broken up with a jackhammer.

How We Remove Concrete 

The exact process of concrete removal always depends on access and the size of the concrete pad that we are removing. For larger pieces of concrete such as garage pads, footings, and grade beams, our team of professional demolition experts will use excavators with breakers. Once it’s all broken up, we then remove the concrete and haul it away in large trucks.

In terms of smaller projects that aren’t accessible with machinery as large as an excavator, our team typically uses jackhammers (Hilti3000 and/or Hilti1000). We’ll safely and efficiently hammer the concrete away and haul it to the trucks in wheelbarrows.

Why Hiring Professionals For Concrete Removal is Worth It 

There are a few main reasons why hiring professionals to do your concrete removal for you is a much better plan than trying to do it yourself. 

1. Time 

First of all, professional demolition workers are trained and experienced. Not only will they be able to finish the concrete removal much faster than your average homeowner, they’ll also be able to save you a lot of time by doing it for you. Spend your weekend at the lake rather than trying to remove concrete from your property!

2. Safety

Here at Downright Demolition, we have our Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition, we are WCB covered, and we are insured. Additionally, our team is always sure to wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) at every job to keep themselves and others safe. We have 50+ years of combined industry experience and have implemented tried and true safety procedures and practices

Concrete removal can be dangerous if the proper safety measures are not taken. The Downright Demolition team will always be sure to complete the demolition service in a safe and effective manner. You can count on that!

construction personal protective equipment
Proper safety equipment is always essential when doing concrete removal!

3. Disposing of the concrete 

If you’re wanting to have some of the concrete recycled, rather than dumped into the landfill, professional demolition contractors will be able to do that for you. 

Although some people may think that demolition can be wasteful, by taking the correct measures, professional demolition companies can actually maintain environmental responsibility.

When we provide concrete removal services, we can actually recycle the concrete, greatly reducing our environmental impact. So, you’ll be able to get your concrete removed and feel good doing it! 

Recycling gives us the chance to keep our services environmentally friendly and reduces the disposal cost for us and, therefore, our valued customers. 

Concrete can also be heavy, dusty, and hard to transport in order to dispose of it. We don’t want you to have to worry about doing that yourself. By hiring our team of professionals, you won’t even have to think about trying to get the broken down concrete into the back of your vehicle and disposing of it. We’ll simply take care of all that for you.

4. Unexpected challenges 

Picture this: you decide that you want to do your concrete removal yourself. You rent a jackhammer, get the proper safety equipment and PPE, and start breaking up the concrete. But then, you hit some wire mesh or rebar that you weren’t expecting. What now? 

Unexpected challenges can arise when completing concrete removal. Although, for a DIY’er, these challenges may mean significantly more time, research, money, and effort has to go into the concrete removal project, this is not the case for professional demolition contractors. 

Generally speaking, a professional demolition team will know what to expect for most projects. If they run into something unexpected, however, they’ll have the industry knowledge and tools necessary to take it on without a second thought. 

rebar in concrete
Unexpected rebar in concrete? No worries. The professionals can handle that.

How to Choose the Right Demolition Company for Concrete Removal

When you’re looking for a demolition contractor in Edmonton, there are a few main green flags to look for. You want a demolition company that is trustworthy, experienced, and professional. Make sure to check out the company’s online reputation by reviewing their Google reviews. 

For more details, check out our recent blog post, What to Look for When Hiring a Demolition Contractor in Edmonton!

We hope that this blog was helpful and informative. If you’re looking to get started on a concrete removal project, feel free to reach out to our team with your questions. 

Concrete removal has never been easier than with the Downright Demolition team!

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