drawingResidential Demolition in Edmonton is becoming an increasingly popular service that our certified demolition experts at Downright Demolition offer. Though our team works with many residential clients, the majority of our work is commercial demolition projects and retail units. However, home improvement and renovations are becoming more frequent in the residential market and Downright Demolition is here to help you with your residential demolition needs. 

Typically, our team at Downright sees residential demolition requests for one of these three demolition services:

  • Residential Selective Demolition Services
  • Residential Structural Demolition Services
  • Junk Removal Services

When planning any home improvement or update project, the first step is to take out the old so the new can arrive. Whether this is a single element, multiple elements, or even an entire structure, our team at Downright Demolition has created a general guideline for you to follow when looking for Edmonton demolition services. 

Residential Selective Demolition Service Guide:

  • Does your bathroom need a refresh? Maybe you are ready to take your basement out of the ’80s? If this is the kind of renovation project that your household is planning, typically you will be searching for residential selective demolition services.

    These services involve the removal of a particular material located in the space. Elements that are typically removed during this residential service are seen in carpet removal, hardwood floor removal, drywall removal popcorn ceiling removal, tile removal, tub/sink/toilet removal, and more.

    If you’re looking to make cosmetic changes to a room this is the demolition service that you should request from a local demolition company near you.  

Residential Structural Demolition Service Guide:

  • Is your fence starting to lean? Is your garage looking worse for wear? If you’re looking to take a structure around your property down then your household is looking for residential structural demolition services.

    This service involves the teardown of a physical structure on your property. This could be smaller structures like decks, fences, or retaining walls to larger structures like your garage or even your home.

    If you’re looking to start from scratch this is the demolition service that you should request from a local demolition company near you. 

Junk Removal Service Guide:

  • Looking to do a DIY demolition project? Maybe you are looking to haul away old furniture or other junk around your home. If this is the case, our Edmonton demolition services at Downright Demolition have you covered. Our team of professional demolition experts is able to help with all of your reduce, reuse, and recycle needs with our junk removal services. 

Ready to start your next renovation or remodel project? Use this guide to see while planning your next residential demolition project or call our team today at 780-906-3366 for more details. We look forward to going over the scope of your demolition project and helping you with our demolition consultation services. 

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