With renovation projects becoming more and more popular in the housing market, so is the education around the dangers of asbestos and the necessity to complete both asbestos testing services and asbestos removal services when doing any type of demolition work. 

Why should you choose Downright Demolition for your asbestos services? 

Asbestos fibres can be extremely dangerous, and it’s crucial that you select a local asbestos removal company in Edmonton that is certified by the Government of Alberta for the Occupational Health and Safety for the Asbestos Workers. Downright Demolition has this certification which ensures that our local demolition company has the proper safety training to keep both our team and your family safe. 

The cost of not completing this preliminary testing and removal of asbestos-containing materials could be deathly. Make sure you reach out to our team to go over the scope of your project, it’s worth the price of asbestos testing for peace of mind. 

What is Downright Demolition’s process for asbestos testing and removal services?

  1. A homeowner, property manager, or commercial contractor will request asbestos testing services from our team of certified demolition experts at Downright Demolition. 
  2. After a request is made, a member of our team will come on-site to test the specific materials in question with all of the proper personal protective equipment and testing kits.
  3. Once the sample(s) have been safely collected our team at Downright Demolition will then send our asbestos sample kits to a local asbestos lab to best tested. 
  4. When the sample kit results have returned to our team at Downright Demolition, it will be either positive or negative for asbestos fibres and future demolition plans are based on this.
  5. If there is a positive result for asbestos fibres, then our team at Downright will conduct our asbestos abatement services to properly remove the hazardous materials. If you would like to keep the material, then it is mandatory by law to get it annually inspected to ensure it’s not being disturbed.
    If there is a negative result for asbestos fibres, then our team at Downright will be able to continue demolition services as needed and help you clear the space safely and efficiently for future renovation projects. 

If you’re looking to renovate your home or business this year, make sure to complete the preliminary asbestos testing and removal before your main demolition begins. Want to talk with one of our demolition consultants about your demolition needs? Reach out to our team at Downright Demolition in Edmonton today at 780-906-3366.

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