Demolition [dem-uhlishuhn] – the act or instance of demolishing or to destroy or ruin (a building or other structure), especially on purpose; tear down; raze.

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When we say ‘demolition services’ you probably think of something similar to the above definition. Tearing things down, destroying things, bringing buildings and structures down, or other such thoughts may pass through your mind. But, there are actually a few different types of demolition services that are each important in their own ways. 

As we’re sure you’re aware, not every part of a building needs to be knocked down during every demolition service. Business owners and homeowners have a wide array of demolition needs and require different types of demolition services to meet these. 

In this blog, we’ll take you through three main types of demolition services and why they’re important! This way, you’ll understand demolition services in Edmonton beyond the basic definition at the top. 

gutted house
This home has undergone interior selective demolition services!

1. Interior Selective Demolition 

Let’s start from the inside. Interior selective demolition services essentially leave the skeleton or structure of the building intact while demolishing the inside or parts of the inside of the structure. Interior selective demolition services can be used in homes or businesses alike to get a fresh start on the inside of the building while leaving the structure of the building as is. 

When completing interior selective demolition services, it is essential that demolition experts are incredibly careful and have the necessary knowledge. Although some interior selective demolition will remove elements of the building that are not crucial to the building’s integrity, this isn’t always the case. 

As demolition experts provide interior selective demolition services, they need to ensure that they are careful when knocking down aspects of the building that are critical to its structural integrity. 

Interior selective demolition services are typically utilized prior to major renovations in homes or businesses. If a wall needs to be knocked down, a floor needs to be replaced, or a railing needs to be adjusted, interior selective demolition is the way to go. 

This type of demolition service provides customers with the chance to keep the structure or skeleton of the building if there are no issues with it and simply start fresh on the inside of the building. 

Here at Downright Demolition, our 50+ years of industry experience give us the skills and knowledge that we need to maintain safety and structural integrity while performing interior selective demolition services for our valued customers. 

excavator beside garage in snowy alleyway
Structural demolition services about to take place…

2. Structural Demolition 

Structural demolition services are the other alternative and are complete demolitions, as we’re sure you have already guessed. With structural demolition services, the demolition experts will essentially come to site and bring the entire structure of a building completely to the ground. 

Structural demolition services will essentially remove everything from the site in order to give you a completely fresh start. Typically, structural demolition services bring you to square one. From this square one, many of our clients have much more work to do: They still have to replace the structure with a brand new one that better fits their needs. 

Here at Downright Demolition, we’re sure to keep this in mind as we complete these structural demolition services for you. We essentially aim to provide you with a blank slate that you can do whatever you please with. Because of this, we ensure that we remove any obstacles out of your way and leave no debris hanging around that you have to get rid of. 

When it comes to structural demolition services, there are a few essential factors that demolition experts need to keep in mind. Demolition companies need to make sure that their structural demolition services are done efficiently, effectively, and within the allocated budget. As services that typically come before other major changes, they need to be done well, on time, and within budget so that next steps can move forward as planned. 

Whether it’s an old farm building that it’s time to say goodbye to or a downtown building that needs to be redone from the ground up, Downright Demolition has you covered and will Bring it Down Right for you! 

wooden doors that have been repurposed
Wooden doors can be repurposed through deconstruction!

3. Deconstruction 

While structural demolition is essentially smashing the structure to bits and removing the debris, deconstruction avoids the smashing part entirely. Deconstruction is essentially taking structures and buildings apart in a way that allows us to salvage, reuse, or repurpose the majority of the materials. 

Yes, taking heavy equipment to buildings to smash them to the ground is quick, effective, and works perfectly for some demolition projects, deconstruction is the way to go for many other demolition projects. Deconstruction services make demolition environmentally friendly by salvaging over 90% of the building materials. 

During deconstruction, demolition experts not only contain all debris and material that they break down, but also organize it to make the recycling process much more efficient. As the demolition experts carefully break down and remove aspects of the building, they sort them into piles of reusable doors, windows, lumber, and more. 

By carefully taking the building apart, the demolition experts give you the opportunity to either reuse or repurpose the materials yourself as you rebuild or put them back into circulation in the industry, helping to reduce your overall environmental footprint. 

Deconstruction requires a high level of care and precision which is exactly what the demolition experts here at Downright Demolition bring to every single job. 

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding these three main types of demolition services, what they’re each used for, and why they’re important, please feel free to leave a comment below! We would love to chat with you more about these types of demolition services and help you with any and all of your demolition needs here in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. 

Thank you for reading this blog post today and don’t forget to choose Downright Demolition to Bring It Down Right for you

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